A Winning Clutch Replacement Formula in Staffordshire

We have a winning formula on price, service and workmanship to give you total peace of mind

We can fit the clutch that best suits your vehicle LUK, SACHS, VALEO

Competitive Service

We Fit any Clutch try to always be very competitive in the market place and will monitor prices in your area to ensure we are always offering our customers the best value for money. If you can get the same parts and workmanship for a cheaper price and a like-for-like repair or replacement by any reputable business than we offer please let us know and we will try to match it.

12 Month Warrenty

We Fit any Clutch offer a 1-Year, 12,000-mile warranty on all our clutch or flywheel replacement services

Same Day Service

We try and offer the same day Clutch Replacement service. We know how important it is to have your vehicle back on the road as quickly as possible so we will try and carry out the work the came day to and collect and deliver your vehicle form your home or office

Qualified Technicians

Qualified Clutch Technicians all our clutch centres carry out your work with fully trained and qualified clutch technicians who are fitting clutches every day to give you the best workmanship and service available

Our Competitive Quotes for last week

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Vaukhall Corsa 1.0


  • 12-Months Warrenty
  • Free Collection
  • Concentric Slave Cylinder
Fiat Punto


  • 12-Months Warrenty
  • Free Collection
  • Concentric Slave cylinder
Ford Focus 1.4-1.6 Petrol


  • 12-Months Warrenty
  • Free Collection
  • Concentric Slave cylinder
Vaukhall Astra 1.4-1.6 Petrol


  • 12-Months Warrenty
  • Free Collection
  • Concentric Slave cylinder
Honda Civic


  • 12-Months Warrenty
  • Free Collection
  • Concentric Slave cylinder

Professional Clutch fitting In Stoke on Trent

We Fit Any Clutch offer a Clutch Replacement service to all vehicles in Staffordshire. We specialise in fitting LUK, Sachs and Valeo Clutches. We are a national service and have a Clutch Centre near you to carry out your Clutch Replacement work.

If you are looking for an affordable Clutch Repair service we provide a hassle free service at the best value. Our Clutch fitting centre in Stoke On Trent have bookings available to suit you..

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Collection and delivery service to our Clutch Centre in Stoke On Trent

Save your time we send a driver to collect your vehicle

We realise that you may lead a busy life; therefore we can offer to collect your vehicle for free and deliver it back to you once the work is completed. We aim to do this the same day.

We can also provide you with a courtesy car (subject to availability) Please ask for information when you book in your vehicle at our Clutch Centre. We also offer a vehicle recovery service if your vehicle is undrivable (additional charges will apply for this service)

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Information about possible clutch faults

Clutches and brakes are the amongst the most commonly replaced car parts, but the basic principles of  the Clutch operations have stayed the same for many years, but only 2 things have dramatically changed which are the dual mass flywheels and the concentric slave cylinders.

What a Clutch Does:

A clutch initiates motion or increased the velocity of a mass generally by transferring kinetic energy from another moving item and disengaging the drive so you can change gear.

Common Clutch Faults:

Clutch Drag: This is where the clutch plate is not at a correct adjustment or the centre plate is sticking on the splines and the difficulties you would have with this problem is obtaining gears particularly first and reverse gears.

Clutch Judder: This is caused by a warped friction plate or the gearbox or engine mounts could be broken, with this you get a shudder and a vibration when the vehicle starts to move.

Clutch Slip: This is caused by the oil on the friction plate or worn friction plate, although the symptoms of the clutch slip would be partial or you would have total loss of drive; also your vehicle speed would be lower than normal compared with the engine speed.

If you require a Clutch Replacement or quote please complete our contact form or call: 01782 414366 We take enquires up to 10pm every night With a quote sent by Email or SMS for your appraisal.

In any situation if you have doubts that your Clutch is not working properly and making too much of a noise then you need to replace the damaged or worn out Clutch with a new one then contact the clutch replacement experts to obtain a value for money quote and service. We have a Clutch centre near you.

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